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20 September 2021 - 25 September 2021

Program Information:

Dates: September 20-25
Participants: 20
Erkan Özgen, Artist, Art Educator
Gonca Gümüşayak, Choreographer & Contemporary dance & Yoga instructor
Özenç Kabasakal, Educator
Sena Rüya Günergin, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Teaching Fellow

Program Coordinator: Işın Önol, Curator, Art Educator, Adjunct Professor

General Information:

This program offers techniques, ways of thinking and activities to ignite critical thinking in learning spaces. It brings suggestions on the ways in which creative projects can concentrate on topics such as social justice, differences, collective living, empathy, climate and environmental problems, as well as how non violent communication can be cultivated in the classroom. It asks questions on how students can benefit from artistic inquiry methods and develop their crtiical thinking skills with a focus on social change from the early years of their education life.

The program offers discussions and workshops specifically designed for educators working in visual arts and other creative fields (regardless of the age group) on how to create a group cohesion within the classroom, and how to allow their students can engage in co-creation working through and with their differences, conflict resolution techniques and non-violent communication methods.

The program offers exercises on breaking the limitations on creative thinking. It benefits from the experiences of institutions that research and create alternative education methods such as Another School is Possible, Village Schools Change Network and TEGEV and offers  alternative methods of thinking and creating in education and collective art making


The program aims to create a space for teachers and teacher candidates working with preschool, elementary and middle school institutions especially on visual arts, design, dance, theatre like creative fields where they can experience alternative methods on art education and discuss issues and problems they have experienced. Classroom teachers, science and technology like specific departments can highly benefit from this program.

Target Audience:
Anyone who is 18 years or older, who works with children and youth, whether they are part of educational institutions or independently working in the creative education field is invited to the program. The program is open to classroom teachers, teacher candidates in addition to volunteer educators and people who work in institutions of creative education like museums (applicants from other professions will also be considered).


Özenç Kabasakal

In 2012 she graduated from university as a classroom teacher and started volunteering at Another School is Possible Association (BBOM). Immediately after she participated in the founding process of Happy Goat, the first BBOM school that realised the inclusive and peaceful learning model. For four years she worked with different responsibilities such as classroom circles, collective decision making and conflict resolution methods in Happy Goat and other BBOM schools.


Işın Önol  (1977, Turkey) has been working as an independent curator predominantly in Austria and Turkey since 2009. She lives in Vienna. Önol worked as the director/curator of Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul for three years (2006