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Prof. Dr. Ali Nesin (İstanbul, 1956)
Ali Nesin has been awarded with the Leelavati Prize 2018
Founder of Nesin Mathematics, Art and Philosophy Villages (since 2007)
Director of the Nesin Publishing House (since 2004)

Isin Önol (1977, Turkey) is a curator based in Vienna and New York.

Founding Director

İlkyaz Portakalcıoğlu (1995, Cyprus) is a visual artist based in Turkey and Cyprus. Since 2016, she has been working as an assistant of Nesin Art Village. Her BA in Photography from Dokuz Eylul University(2019), Izmir, Turkey. 

Photography and Video Documentation

Tuğçe, born in 1989 in Artvin, completed her primary, middle, and high school education in Izmir. In 2007, she began her Biology education at Ege University.

Artist in Residence

Eser was born in Istanbul and grew up in Izmir. She studied piano at the Dokuz Eylül University State Conservatory. She tought piano between 1999-2016 at Anadolu University State Conservatory, in Eskisehir.

Artist in Residence

Rüya graduated from Harvard College department of Social Studies with high honors (2018). Her dissertation was on teachers’ professional identities in Turkey and teacher training programs.

Program Assistant

Dilara Savut is a multidisciplinary designer and a storyteller who loves to experience things. 

Servet was born in 1985 in Şırnak, where he attended high school. He graduated from the sculpture department in Hacettepe in 2014. He is now working on video art projects.

Artist in Residence
Tobias Nöbauer portrait

Tobias is a Physicist, Sociologist and spare-time webmaster based in New York.

Cemil was born in Adana in 1994. He completed his high school education in Adana IMKB Anatolian Teacher High School.

Architecture Program Coordinator