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Rüya graduated from Harvard College department of Social Studies with high honors (2018). Her dissertation was on teachers’ professional identities in Turkey and teacher training programs. Upon graduation, she worked in Boston at an education technology company called TAL as a Senior Learning Designer. Meanwhile, she has completed 3 training modules in Group Relations INternational conferences (2019-2020). She performed in improvisational theatre and contemporary dance pieces in Boston. A year later she returned to Harvard and began her master’s degree at Harvard Graduate School of Education (2021). She completed courses on radical pedagogy, movement and body awareness in education, storytelling and group psychology. This year she teaches online at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government on storytelling and leadership. She continues to travel the world during this time as well as to dance.

Studios taught:


20 September 2021 - 25 September 2021

This program offers techniques, ways of thinking and activities to ignite critical thinking in learning spaces. It brings suggestions on the ways in which creative projects can concentrate on topics such as social justice, differences, collective living, empathy, climate and environmental problems, as well as how non violent communication can be cultivated in the classroom. It asks questions on how students can benefit from artistic inquiry methods and develop their crtiical thinking skills with a focus on social change from the early years of their education life.