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Gonca is a contemporary dance artist from Turkey. She graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU), Sociology (BS) (2005), and Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, (BA) (2008) Dance Maker/ Choreography department, Holland. She finalized her (MPA) master's thesis “Liquid Politics” performance about the relationship of social movements and performance at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 2016. Since 2002 she has been making contemporary dance pieces: “Home-logue”, “Hayali Sureti”, “Liquid Politics”, “Silent Scream” has been shown in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Greece. In 2010-2011 she worked with Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods Dance Company in Belgium. Since 2015 she has been making dance-films. Her dance-film “Rebirth”, shot in Poland Grotowski Institute, won the best performer prize in Sinema Dans Ankara in 2016 and the Brussels dance film festival. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Theatre, in Physical Theatre specialization from Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, in Switzerland in 2019. She works as an Instructor of Movement courses for Theatre students in Universities. She sees life as a holistic oneness, lives life as art and healing opportunity. Combines social concerns, issues into artistic fields and looks for solutions through art of movement. Organizes special training workshops for women, adults, youth and children. She is the founder of Gumusayak Dance and Yoga and founding member of “Space for Nature” organisation.

Studios taught:


20 September 2021 - 25 September 2021

This program offers techniques, ways of thinking and activities to ignite critical thinking in learning spaces. It brings suggestions on the ways in which creative projects can concentrate on topics such as social justice, differences, collective living, empathy, climate and environmental problems, as well as how non violent communication can be cultivated in the classroom. It asks questions on how students can benefit from artistic inquiry methods and develop their crtiical thinking skills with a focus on social change from the early years of their education life.