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Architect, sociologist, filmmaker. Full-time lecturer at IYTE Architecture Department.

He has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, a master's degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and a PhD in sociology from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Involved in architectural professional practice in Ankara, NewYork, Kabul and entered many architectural and urban design competitions. He worked as a part-time lecturer in the faculty of architecture at Izmir University of Economics (2009-2012) and currently works as a full-time lecturer in the faculty of architecture at Izmir Institute of Technology in Izmir since 2012. His translations from English to Turkish include articles and books from scholars such as Samuel Beckett, André Breton, Francis Picabia, Mladen Dolar, Maurizzio Lazzarato, Nana Last, Vilem Flusser and Ulus Baker. He participated in many collaborative publishing, filmmaking and art project: “Trans//crossings” (2018), a research project and interactive documentary on Urla, İzmir; "Dead and Alive: A Documentary on Newala Qesaba" (2015); “Here is Ankara” (2006), a short film on Ankara’s urban transformation; “Forced Landing” (2005), a short-film on Kabul, Afghanistan.

Studios taught: