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This seminer series traces various forms of constructing space, time and narration that emerged in a wide scope of time from the invention of photography to the computer generated images of our day. Working on a ground that constantly weaves together concepts and practices, the participants are expected to derive/appropriate formulas of their own bodily dynamisms and reach a better understanding of the nature of the audio-visual apparatus and montage.

    Basic Editing Techniques: Definitions and Applications

    Audio-Visuality through Concepts and Practices

     -Seminar: Concepts and Practices I: Birth and Rise of the Cinematic Apparatus

     -Practice: Plan-Sequence


    Seminar: Concepts and Practices II: City, Memory and Archive

    Practice: Narration and Montage 


    Seminar: Space/Apparatus Relation from Analog to Digital


    Seminar: Space in Contemporary Art Practices



Architect, sociologist, filmmaker. Full-time lecturer at IYTE Architecture Department.

He has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, a master's degree in architecture

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