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There are widely accepted, universal norms in relation to the act of seeing, we perceive something rather easier than the others, or see a point better. Sometimes the eye completes the images, connects the dots, establishes connections between facts and scenes and sometimes plays games on us. How can people break the passive attitude in relation to the act of seeing in an age where there’s the constant stream of thousands of encompassing visual images? How can we re-edit and express what we see and what we are? How the same people or machines looking at the same object see and express themselves differently?

Studio goals include breaking the passivity in relation to the act of seeing by gaining a more playful and investigative perspective. Bringing new understandings to the ways of seeing, reading time and dimensions; this studio work takes four days.



Seher Uysal (b.1983) is a visual artist and researcher based in Istanbul. Inquiries into the everyday often shape her artistic practice and her works are primarily artistic research based reflections on spatial, historical or cultural conditions. She is

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