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Seher Uysal (b.1983) is a visual artist and researcher based in Istanbul. Inquiries into the everyday often shape her artistic practice and her works are primarily artistic research based reflections on spatial, historical or cultural conditions. She is interested in the exploration of manifold perspectives and understandings of phenomenon and often accesses complex ideas through simple means such as drawing, the accumulation of lists and inventories and the framing and combination of images and artifacts.

More recently she has been developing projects based around the collection, interpretation and construction of multiple narratives and memory and is collaborating with the Turkish film maker and screen writer Caner Yalçın.

Uysal’s practice includes both the production of art works and writing academic texts together with her participation and interests in the discourses on Turkish Art education and alternative teaching practices. In 2014 she acquired a Ph.D in Fine Art from Kocaeli University and worked there as a lecturer in 2012 & 2013. She was also part of the teaching team at the summer camp of Nesin Art Village where she gives classes on Visual Culture which includes a multidisciplinary approach.

She is also one of the initiators of the project Exchanges in Art Education which organizes talks and seminars and collects Turkish and international perspectives and on Artistic educational practices.

Recently Seher Uysal has presented and exhibited her work at Space Debris in Istanbul, at Botkyrka in Stockholm, at The Mamut Art Project in Istanbul and at the Pitzer College Art Galleries in Los Angeles.

Studios taught: