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Engraving, which means the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by making grooves, is considered as one of the oldest art making techniques. Humans are inclined to incising patterns on hard surfaces since Paleolithic ages. Lines incised on materials such as rocks, animal horns and bones by hammering pointed tools are structurally not different from the lines chiseled on copper plates by the contemporary artist using a steel pen (burin).  Proper art of engravinghowever had to wait until the invention of paper. This development has paved the way for contemporary engraving and prints produced by using pulpy handmade paper and thick black ink became a brand new medium of expression for the masters working with chisels.

According to the background and specific needs of each participant, before starting with printing, preliminary studies such as drawing, composition, black and white ink sketching will be taught. The workshop aims to give an experience of printing in various methods, dimensions, materials and techniques.



Born in Malatya, Turkey, Raziye Kubat graduated from the Painting Department and Practical Engraving Atelier, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University in 1989. She participated in many group exhibitions and also presented her works in

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