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At the "Timeless Ones" studio, Evrim Kavcar and Raziye Kubat shares their collective, simultaneous and non-simultaneous experiences with the participants and accompany them at an undefined time travel.

The material and the techniques vary: Engraving, clay, paper, pencil, textures of the village, every perspective of it, including it's well-steeped tea! They will meet Nike in Ephesus, If Nike accepts the invitation, it will be timeless and perhaps hopeless meeting. We do not know yet. Time-timelessness as we know it, is not a linear-single line, but bent and twisted, like the circular rotations of the snail, or our heads that spin and eyes that open and close.

The artist duo, having their previous experiences at the Art Village as a basis, focus on the notion of time and it's possible meanings, and non-linear structure.



Evrim Kavcar positions herself as a witness and a dreamer in her artistic practice and focuses on the bizarre and fragile encounters of everyday life. Studying moments which are mind-boggling, though seemingly insignificant, she aims to activate


Born in Malatya, Turkey, Raziye Kubat graduated from the Painting Department and Practical Engraving Atelier, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University in 1989. She participated in many group exhibitions and also presented her works in

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