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Moving between narrative forms and structures

From documentary to “mockumentary”

Creative histories and research methods

Inventing characters and the story telling of everyday?


The workshop explores how to use narrative forms and structures that move between reality and fiction; creative histories, accounts and research methods, from documentary to "mockumentary", inventing characters and the storytelling of the everyday. “Storytelling” takes its references not only from the Visual Arts but from a wide range of different disciplines such as comics and graphic novels, films, documentaries, archival images and literature. It is not a necessity that the students are from the Arts field, but it is necessary to have an interest in Visual Arts. The “Storytelling” studio aims at encouraging the students to think, interpret, make variations and productions and explore their own creativity. The workshop includes both a short theoretical reflection and will also motivate the students to work practically.ÜNCE%21.pdf




Seher Uysal (b.1983) is a visual artist and researcher based in Istanbul. Inquiries into the everyday often shape her artistic practice and her works are primarily artistic research based reflections on spatial, historical or cultural conditions. She is

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