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The workshop aims to develop different forms of spatial experienced thinking methods for participants by following three modules (Time, Scale, View). The workshop aims to show hybrid/alternative comprehension at the moment of encounter. Each module focuses on fragmental daily productions by which the relationship between FRAGMENT and WHOLE is investigated through diverse methods and tools. At the end of each day, the groups are brought together to share their experiences, their productions and their progress towards the construction of whole from fragment. 

The workshop aims to question the understanding and approaches of different disciplines, to develop team skills and build a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary thought / discussion / production platform.



1985, Architect, Duzce University, Ph.D. candidate in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Being graduated from Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture, she received her master’s degree


1985, Ankara. Instructor at Sakarya University, Department of Architecture. Ph.D. candidate in Middle East Technical University After graduating from Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture in 2007, she completed M.Arch program at


1985, Ankara. Lecturer at Maltepe University. Ph.D. candidate at Istanbul Technical University. Başak Özden graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture. She received her master’s