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16 June 2019 - 30 June 2019

This programme will be delivered by two artists working in the fields of dance and performance (Aslı Bostancı and Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu) along with two curators and academics (Livia Alexander and Charlotte Kent). At the Visual Lies Studio that takes place in the first week of the program, there will be theoretical and practical exercises as well as mind opening discussions on our perception, comprehension, and production of images. On the second week, the programme will take a direction towards soundbody practices as well as improvisation and performance areas, and provide an intensive study on use of body in artistic practices.


Visual Lies

In a world where so much information is misleading, this course looks at how images can lie to us. Examining art, advertising, and other visual situations, students will learn how we understand and interpret what we see. In the face of an image, viewers actively participate in creating its meaning. We will question our belief in the documentary and witnessing nature of photography; explore how the meaning of an image changes when it moves from one place to another; and will examine how images reference other images and the way we use texts to enhance and alter our understanding of them.

from Improvisation to Performance -With Soundbody Practices

The workshop "From Improvisation to Performance - with Soundbody Practices" aims at an experience of improvisational research on listening to body and connecting to space. With the inspiration of this improvisational research, the workshop invites the participant to construct a performance space. During the process each participant is guided to listen to needs of self and the space in constructing their performances.

Program team


Livia Alexander is a curator, writer, and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at Montclair State University. Her work is focused on examining the relationship between art infrastructure and artistic production, urbanity, cultural politics of food and art, and contemporary art from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 


CHARLOTTE KENT, PhD is the Assistant Professor of Visual Culture and Program Director for Art History at Montclair State University. Her work focuses on how various linguistic and visual rhetorical devices constrain what we are capable of seeing; whether examining art criticism, museum wall text, ekphrastic poetry, data visualizations or social media posts, her work questions why some things are so easily ignored. Her current research builds on that foundation to investigate the cultural context contributing to the rise of the absurd in contemporary art and speculative design. 


Istanbul based choreographer, performer, sound healer Aslı Bostancı is born in 1984 Istanbul, Turkey.

She graduated from her BFA in dance at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department in 2007 and CNDC_dance choreography (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers FR.) 2009 under the direction of Emmanuelle Huyn. In 2017 she finished her MFA in dance at MSFAU. In 2017 she has started her doctorate/proficiency in art again in MAFAU's Contemporary Dance Department.