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16 June 2019 - 30 June 2019

Objectives: With its soundbody practices, the “Improvisation to Performance” workshop aims to enable participants to undertake improvisational investigations for listening to the body and forming spatial relationships. Using the inspiration they get from these improvisational investigations participants will be encouraged to construct a self-originated scope of performance. Throughout the process, each participant will be guided towards building their own performance by listening to the needs of their own and of the space.

The “the more real the deeper; the deeper the more real” workshop aims to enable participants perform long-term exercises to investigate physical and emotional limits of their bodies. With an awareness that gets deeper and deeper through four-hour long exercises inside the community every day, it is anticipated for the participants to focus on themselves and create a physical performance based on their spontaneous intuition. Throughout these internal investigations of limit, participants will be supported to reach their own thresholds and from there move onto being creative.

General Information: This programme will be delivered by two current artists working in the fields of dance and performance (Aslı Bostancı and Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu) along with two curators (Livia Alexander and Işın Önol). While the programme is directed towards soundbody practices as well as improvisation and performance areas, it also supports young artists with their practical needs such as portfolio building, development or transformation of existing artistic projects, art critique, current concepts of art, and exhibiting work.

Content: Soundbody practices are aimed at enabling us to establish a deeper connection with our body and consequently to the universe that surrounds us; moreover, to remember this bond which was already founded. Flowing into the body by using our own voice provides an exercise that reminds us we how we live as a team along with all our cells. And this invites us to a territory where we can transfer from mental awareness into bodily awareness, an area with wider possibilities and where we can just be in the moment. This invitation also is a call from the universe. Inside this universe of vibrations and frequencies where everything is sound, our bodies too remain to be the sound. To brighten up and expand such sound becomes attainable once we get to relate to it; upon liberation of the voices within our bodies which have been lingering to be released. Soundbody practices give way to exercises, games and shared experiences, where we get to try different possibilities of the body through breath, motion and voice.

Developed by Leman S. Darıcıoğlu upon her attendance to “Cleaning the House’ workshop organised by the Marina Abramovic Institute, the workshop “The more real the deeper; the deeper the more real” contains exercises from this programme and reflects inspirations from the Abramovic Method.

The programme will spread over seven days with four hours per day; and apart from brief directions it will be undertaken in silence. While prolonged exercises loosen up the bodily senses, it also enables the individual to deep-dive inwards. Likewise, silence too becomes a means to allow the person to dive into their internal world and self-confront. Clarification of our inner voice will depend on how much we listen to what it says to us and how long we stay with it. To remain with what exists, to become an inner observer away from judgement and guilt feelings can provide chances to live life by protecting our inner touch as well as our connection to our centre.

During these studies, the workshops of Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu and Aslı Bostancı will be accompanied by silent walks. These walks of silence will be implemented to the programme as a daily practice focused on activating our sources of inspiration, imagination and creativity. The intention behind the silent walks is to enable platform to look at the existent through different eyes and with curiosity, and to perceive our surrounding with new outlook.

  • We require any participants with health conditions such as epilepsy or panic attack to inform the tutors prior to the programme and let them know of the steps that needs to be taken in the case of a relapse.
  • During workshop hours any mobile phones or watches will be removed and participants will be encouraged to spend their full day without these.
  • Participants who need to take medication at certain hours will be provided with their medicine at specified hours upon informing us with times and details.  

Target Audience: Art students of high school and university level, and young artists.

Fee: Programme fee, including four meals, accommodation, lessons and all types of basic needs, for dormitories 2350 TL and for tents will be 1750 TL. Trips are not included in this price.

Available places: 20

Program team


Livia Alexander is a curator, writer, and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at Montclair State University. Her work is focused on examining the relationship between art infrastructure and artistic production, urbanity, cultural politics of food and art, and contemporary art from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 


Işın Önol  (1977, Turkey) has been working as an independent curator predominantly in Austria and Turkey since 2009. She lives in Vienna. Önol worked as the director/curator of Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul for three years (2006


Istanbul based choreographer, performer, sound healer Aslı Bostancı is born in 1984 Istanbul, Turkey.

She graduated from her BFA in dance at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department in 2007 and CNDC_dance choreography (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers FR.) 2009 under the direction of Emmanuelle Huyn. In 2017 she finished her MFA in dance at MSFAU. In 2017 she has started her doctorate/proficiency in art again in MAFAU's Contemporary Dance Department.