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1982, Sivas, Turkey. Part Time Instructor, Kadir Has University, Istanbul Bilgi University. PhD, Architecture-ITU (2014-ongoing). Sinem Serap Duran finished her graduate studies at METU Architecture Department in 2005 and completed her master’s degree in Architectural Design in İstanbul Bilgi University. In 2011, she was awarded with the first prize and with a scholarship to complete the Digital Film and Animation Department with her film “Draft” video-art competition organized by the Istanbul SAE Institute. The short fiction film ”Adequate” which she directed for the First Istanbul Design Biennial has been shown in national and international festivals. Sinem Serap Duran, focuses on the potential relations between video and architecture environments, the expression of spatial experience through videographic representation techniques. Her works aims to create a new perception perspective by using digital techniques to re-read urban spaces through the means of video works, moving image and editing techniques. Since 2014, she has been pursuing her doctoral studies under the supervision of at the Architectural Design Department of Istanbul Technical University and is currently working on the impact of video equipment on expanding the field of architecture. Since 2013, she has been conducting a video and architecture studio at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture, where she developed a video production course for architecture students. Since 2016 she has been working as a part time lecturer at the Department of Architecture of Kadir Has University, where she teaches basic design studio classes.