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Murat Germen (b. 1965, lives and works in İstanbul and London) uses photography as his primary artistic expression & research tool. He received his master's degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, and of the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Gold Medal. He teaches photography, art and new media at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Sabancı University, İstanbul. Germen has authored numerous publications in print and online media, on photography, architecture, planning, new media and art, and has been invited to dozens of international conferences.

Studios taught:

Photobook Dummy Workshop

This workshop has the main objective of finding an answer to a significant question: “What is your problem with life, what are your obsession(s), reverie(s)?” The answer may / should vary from person to person! What you hate / love the most, a social or a political fact that bugs you, a childhood memory, a moment you cannot forget willingly of unwillingly… This can be anything you say “worth to speak!” in life; a personal inner issue will certainly increase the factor of passion.