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Evren is one of the partners of İyiEkim. She studied soil microbiology, applied horticulture,  biointensive gardening and seed saving, participated in Greening the Desert Internship in Jordan and Growing Nutrient Dense Food Internship at Koanga Institute, New Zealand. She has a Permaculture Design Teacher’s Training Certificate and is an instructor at Permaculture Design Institute of Turkey and Ecodemia, UK. Her other passion is feature films and she has been working as a production manager and producer in Fikirtepe Film Company since 2017.



Studios taught:

Art and Ecological Repair

13 September 2021 - 18 September 2021
Permaculture design is the ethical framework for creating sustainable ways of living and developing ecologically harmonious, diverse, resilient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Permaculture empowers people to be resourceful and self-reliant. It tackles tangible needs like how to grow food like an ecosystem and intangible human needs like creating communities, and minimizing environmental impact at the same time. This course provides the basic principles of sustainable living and permaculture design. The course is a blended course including classroom sessions, outdoor practice and team collaboration exercises.