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Cansu Çakar is a miniature artist born in 1988 in Istanbul and currently lives in Izmir and Beirut. She studied at the department of Traditional Turkish Arts at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts between 2006-2013 and Graphics at Moholy- Nagy Art and Design University in Budapest as an exchange student. Çakar who runs an independent art studio in Karşıyaka İzmir, is now an HWP participant at the Ashkal Alwan-Lebanese Arts Association in Beirut.


In her works, Cansu Çakar connects traditional Turkish art methods and contemporary approaches with soft transitions. By bringing together Eastern and Arabic symbols in her miniatures she reveals the eternal dilemma Turkey lives. Due to the nature of the production process of manuscripts collective work becomes important in Cansu Çakar’s works. In her workshops, she distorts the production techniques of contemporary art and uses production mechanisms which move to different directions than intended. She presented her work in Cappadox Contemporary Art Program, (Cappadoccia, 2018), House of Wisdom- DZIALDOV (Berlin, 2017), IKSV Building (15th Istanbul Biennial public program, Istanbul, 2017), Framer Framed (Amsterdam, 2017) and Bonington Gallery, (Nottingham) (2016), Freundschaftsspiel Istanbul: Freiburg - Museum für Neue Kunst - Freiburg- (2016), Linear Transcendency-at the Lab-Darat al Funun, -Amman (2016), Salt Water A theory on Thought Forms, 14th Istanbul Biennial - 100 ° - FLO, Istanbul, (2015). She is currently a participant of Ashkal Alwan-Lebanese Association of Plastic Arts 8th Home Workspace Program in Beirut, 2018-19.


Studios taught:

Miniature Studio

This studio offers an analysis to Eastern "ways of seeing" using the visionary and inspiring traditional methods of miniature making and Eastern imagery. It helps the participants to develop the abilities to transfer the perception of the architectural