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The output of what is produced in the village is always talked about, should we talk about what is consumed? Consumption, reducing consumption, converting waste, consuming what can be recycled… As the waste issue has become popular in recent years, discussion topics and solution proposals have also diversified. Like every popular topic, this one has taken its place as a theme that can turn into income in the current economic cycles, sometimes only as options that will relieve the conscience, and sometimes as steps that can have a real impact. We would like to examine this subject, which can be handled under many topics from housing to city, country to planet, through every scale, in a small-scale settlement like Nesin Village, taking into account the treatment and compost systems already existing in the village. Within the scope of this workshop, ‘waste’ will be handled as a part of the production cycle in the village. In this workshop, where we will investigate the waste cycle of the village and its spatial counterpart, if any, and discuss what can be done in this small-scale settlement with new proposals on water, food, energy, solid and liquid wastes, also known as ‘waste’, the cycle of all kinds of output will be documented by looking closely. Spatial, organizational, or cyclical recommendations based on the results of this documentation can be formed as workshop outputs.


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