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Call me Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. I’m a tiny, wormlike creature, a nematode, and I spend most of my time crunching the insides of pine trees. But my kin are as well-traveled as any whaler sailing the seven seas. Stick with me, and I’ll tell you about some curious voyages. But wait: who would want to hear about the world from a worm?” Anna Tsing, 2015


This workshop will seek to produce different critical possibilities for the present environment in which we live. We want to question the established ways of thinking that produce the ecological, economic and social problems we face today and propose other multiple realities through architectural research. Here, we will create a speculative topography that is sensitive to the unique geographical, spatial, historical, material situations, and post-human agencies of which Nesin Village is a part. We will produce critical-creative drawings and models using mapping and storytelling methods.




Aslıhan Şenel is currently conducting architectural design studios at İTÜ Faculty of Architecture and is organizing international courses, workshops and academic meetings. She explores the possibilities of producing urban and architectural

This studio is part of the following program(s):