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When a place is meaningful for a person or a community, it is not only because that person or society transforms the place physically, but also because they also make a story out of it. Making a story, transforms objects and places into real entities. Legends have this power at the highest extent, because legends are not ordinary stories, they are the founding stories that support the fundamental structures of the societies. Legends, transform the visible features of a particular topography (a stone, a tree) into a narrative woven by stories, and strengthen the connection between the people and that place.

At this workshop, we discover legendary narratives as a performance through an experience of the space and time. We discover how the narratives reproduce, enlarge, slow down, or accelerate the spaces again and again in a flow. We research about the existing narratives, make sketches, create new narrations, then make them spatial through installations and performances. In the course of the workshop, we also organize field trip to the Ephesus Ancient City to collect stories.



Aslıhan Şenel is currently conducting architectural design studios at İTÜ Faculty of Architecture and is organizing international courses, workshops and academic meetings. She explores the possibilities of producing urban and architectural


Elif Hant graduated from the Department of Architecture, Gazi University in 2015. Upon graduation, she started working at Hayalgücü Tasarım in Ankara. After her office experience, she enrolled into ITU Architectural Design Graduate Program the

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