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The purpose of the workshop is to provide the participants with information about the basics of game design and to design their own games after the application studies.
The workshop will be at the entrance level, it is not the obligation of any experience in relevant areas.
The workshop will start with the question of the concept of the game and will continue through the examples of the basic features and elements of digital and analogue games. During the course, the design of a game world, characters, mechanics, in-game dynamics and aesthetic elements will be studied. In the last two days of the workshop, there will be a game jam, where participants will design their own games in teams. The workshop will be finalized with the presentations of the created games.
Participants are not required to have advanced coding and/or 2D/3D design knowledge.



Özgül Gürbüz graduated from Fine Arts Faculty of Eskisehir Anadolu University. After working as a research assistant Gürbüz worked at Anima İstanbul as a character modelist between 2006-2017 and helped developing many tv and movie projects.


As a software engineer and game designer, Berk Yalçın uses technology in every part of his life
His passion for these topics led him to work with new technologies and to develop applications and games for various


Oytun Kal studied film and animation in Germany and later started working as a teacher at various educational institutions in Turkey. She was the head of Digital Film & Animation department at SAE Institute Istanbul and received her MFA in Game

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