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9 July 2018 - 21 July 2018

General Aims of the Program:

To develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary thinking practices and an inquiry environment on spatial practices in order to construct a mutual education and discussion platform. To open up a debate on the “spatial discourses of different disciplines. Establishing relationships between disciplines,  strengthening the interaction and communication among individuals involved in architectural education in different cities and schools, and rather than focusing on urban space in education practices we plan to focus on building new places in rural areas according to their needs.


Target Group: The program is open to high school seniors and students from all fields / disciplines of the undergraduate and graduate schools. Applicants outside the specified criteria will also be assessed. The program invites all individuals who are curious and who would want to investigate the issues around “space”.

Vacancies: 30 people

General Overview: Participants are expected to apply with a resume and an approximately 200 word motivational letter explaining their practice and why they want to participate in the Architecture Program. Additionally, they have to attach an accessible link to a work they produced with any technique (video, poster, photo, text, etc.) on the concept of "space". (The motivational letter and the link are filled in on the relevant fields in the application form).


For questions about the village: Aycan Şahin (aycan ş

For questions about the program: Cemil Çalkıcı (,