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"Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction" Francis Picabia.

Oruç Çakmaklı, a lecturer at the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture and has worked on architecture and art at MIT and UC Berkeley. He showed his paintings in exhibitions in Paris, Istanbul Berkeley and many other cities. He is an activist member of the school of thought which believes that the most creative period in human education is the first years of youth - below eighteen years old, after the age of 18 the aftereffects of the information pollution can only be avoided through art . His design lessons are about indispensable prominence in poetry, illustration and writing, design and human education. He is currently in the preparation of a painting exhibition entitled "Pregnant Woman Carrying the World Within Her". Inspired by the idea that the most original art is  in the student exhibitions that are opened in silent corridors, he is working on a museum project titled MUSEUM 18.

Studios taught: