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Leyla Soydinç is a Senior Psychologist and Volunteer at Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation. She graduated from Yeditepe University, department of psychology. She worked as a psychologist at Ataşehir Municipality social service units and shelter. Later, she ran the program on Gender in Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı. She completed her masters degree in Kocaeli university in Mental Trauma and İstanbul University Women's Studies department. She continues her work at the Purple Roof foundation which she came to kow as a student after becoming a volunteer work with women on mental support and feminist policies. She teaches part-time at Yeditepe University.



Studios taught:


27 September 2021 - 2 October 2021

In this program, we will inquire into the topic of gender through various workshops, seminars, discussions, and artistic creation methods. Meanwhile, we will offer a comprehensive view on topics such as the feminist movement in Turkey, the history of women’s solidarity, violence directed towards women, shelters, laws changing throughout the women’s movement with the volunteers of Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation, as well as holding workshops organized by artist Gözde İlkin on contemporary art practices focused on the topic of gender.