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Gülsun Kanat is a Volunteer and Worker at Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation. She has been a part of the women’s movement since her years in university. After completing her studies at Dokuz Eylül University Manisa Finance Department, she lived in London between the years 1991-2001. She worked with disabled and able-bodied children in several play spaces upon completing her Playwork training. Later on as her daughter grew she took Social Service training and in 2001 returned to her family in Turkey.

From the spring of 2002 to 2013 she has fully experienced the solidarity of women who have experienced violence in the collective which serves as the decision making mechanism of Purple Roof. In the Foundation she has lovingly taken on several responsibilities and worked on running “Volunteer Workshops” shelter workshops, books and brochures. She has also participated in many political struggles and campaigns such as the one developed regarding the insufficiencies of civil code change, the spread of the knowledge on law number 4320, as well as the developing of the law numbered 6284. Later on she once again went abroad and participated in the management of the IMECE Foundation that has been offering support to Turkish and Kurdish-speaking women for 35 years in London. She decided to return to Turkey in February 2018 and following a four-year separation process continues to serve as a paid volunteer in 2018 June at Purple Roof Solidarity center.



Studios taught:


27 September 2021 - 2 October 2021

In this program, we will inquire into the topic of gender through various workshops, seminars, discussions, and artistic creation methods. Meanwhile, we will offer a comprehensive view on topics such as the feminist movement in Turkey, the history of women’s solidarity, violence directed towards women, shelters, laws changing throughout the women’s movement with the volunteers of Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation, as well as holding workshops organized by artist Gözde İlkin on contemporary art practices focused on the topic of gender.