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Gözde Mulla (1986, Akşehir)

She researches, writes and produces in the field of art. Independent Associate Proffesor and member of AICA Türkiye (International Association of Art Critics). She got her undergraduate, graduate and PhD (Proficiency in Arts) degrees from Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. She concluded her PhD Dessertation, which revolved around the concept of “home”, influenced by changing places in her life, with the exhibition she organized at her home in Ankara on a hot June day in 2019. The artist, who adopts a production practice that includes reflections of her life, has had the opportunity to view art through different positions, both academically and independently. She continues to do so as an active independent artist and writer. Her evaluation, criticism and review articles and academic articles on culture and arts are published in various printed and digital journals. She pursues her works on the concepts of space, void and threshold and articles on contemporary art in Ankara until further changes.