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We always think about making objects from concrete, an easy and inexpensive material which we come across in our daily lives. But we don’t know how to use the material. We are aware that it's a cheap,durable  and is easy to shape, but we generally don’t know how to use it. With this workshop, we will start with a few warm up exercises with the material and try to produce  several designs which we can use in our daily lives. During the workshop we will use different production methods. We will be able to produce several objects with the help of the same form and also produce several easy moulds to produce one object. We will be able to create experimental models and develop new moulding techniques. Also we will experience the combination of different materials with the concrete and try to create different effects on the surface. On the last day, we will photograph our productions in their natural environment inside softbox.



Eser was born in Istanbul in 1977. She started studying music at Dokuz Eylül University Izmir State Conservatory. She studied piano with Seçil Akdil, solfeggi and harmony with Prof. Sayram Akdil. During her training she participated in master-courses of


Metin Yergin was born in 1966, in İstanbul. In 1998, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and symposia in Turkey and abroad. Since 2010, he is on


Seçil Yaylalı was born in Istanbul in 1972 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Urban Planning. She received her master's degree from the Industrial Design Department at the same university. She also holds a master's

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