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15 August 2016 - 28 August 2016

This program brings together artists, art theorists/critics, historians, curators, art educators, together with young enthusiastic individuals to close themselves at an intensive art camp where they can think, discuss, write, produce together. The variety of the backgrounds of our program facilitators and participants, we aim at creating a space for abstract and critical thinking without falling into the hierarchies between the teacher and the student. The productive process is completed with a small exhibition, however the classes are not product oriented but focus on the process. The dynamic and intensive two weeks program provides the participants an introduction to art history and todays art, as well as the histories and theories of visual culture, besides the practice based courses.


Artist Books

The production of artist books has become very popular in recent years: Artists use books as a means of production. But what does it actually mean to use a book as a means of production? Artist books are a medium in which the book is problematized