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13 July 2015 - 26 July 2015

This program brings together artists, art theorists/critics, historians, curators, art educators, together with young enthusiastic individuals to close themselves at an intensive art camp where they can think, discuss, write, produce together. The variety of the backgrounds of our program facilitators and participants, we aim at creating a space for abstract and critical thinking without falling into the hierarchies between the teacher and the student. The productive process is completed with a small exhibition, however the classes are not product oriented but focus on the process.


    Visual Culture

    There are widely accepted, universal norms in relation to the act of seeing, we perceive something rather easier than the others, or see a point better. Sometimes the eye completes the images, connects the dots, establishes

    Fauna & Flora workshop

    The Fauna and Flora workshop deals with the metaphorical meanings of these concepts. During the course, the works of artists related to this thematic framework are examined. Students are encouraged to replicate / expand / reproduce the meaning of these concepts by practically applying the understanding developed by studying these examples.