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23 August 2020 - 6 September 2020

General Information:
Stroboscopic Image Workshops, which will be realized with moving pattern and pulp sculpting techniques, consist of two separate working groups. Participants in both workshops (groups of 15 ‘each) are expected to perform two- and three-dimensional applications based on stroboscopic motion perception. In addition to the workshops to be held with the participation of two groups in the program process, there will be presentations on some basic principles and concepts related to design techniques such as assembly in art, photomontage, collage and assembly. On the other hand, the concept of stroboscopic movement will be examined through some examples from the history of art.

1. Moving Pattern Workshop with Live Model (Application)
2. Pulp Sculpture Workshop with Collage and Assembly Techniques (Application)
3. Stroboscopic Image Production in Art (Theoretical)

1. Moving Pattern Workshop with Model: Applications based on three-dimensional and moving image production will be carried out on two-dimensional surface with live materials accompanied by materials suitable for stain pattern studies such as coal dust, charcoal and powder pastel. Starting with certain units of the human body, it is aimed to describe the whole body in motion in motion and to create a perception of time and motion using methods based on multiple layers. It will be tried to be produced by taking into account the basic plastic principles such as stroboscopic images, fiction, composition, light, form and color in the picture by collating the fragments to be applied on multiple transparent surfaces or by overlapping multiple layers on a single surface.

2. Paper Pulp Sculpture Workshop with Collage and Assembly Techniques: It is planned to include stroboscopic image studies with the paper pulp prepared with waste papers and units reproduced by taking mold from the units or objects of the body. These three-dimensional models, combined with collage, assembly and assembly techniques, will be designed to create motion perception. The models obtained from the units of the body are planned to be especially wearable designs.

Target group:
Moving Pattern Workshop with Model: This workshop is open to anyone over the age of 16 who wants to produce three-dimensional and moving images accompanied by materials such as coal powder, charcoal and powder pastel on paper, but candidates who have received or are studying fine arts while determining the participants. priority will be given. Pulp Sculpture Workshop with Collage and Assembly Techniques: An open workshop for anyone over the age of 16 who wants to learn mold technique using paper pulp and produce artistic images with techniques such as photomontage, collage and assembly.

Program team


1983 / Sivas. Aysel Alver completed her graduate and postgraduate studies at Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department. She started her PhD (Proficiency in Art) at the same university in 2013.