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16 June 2019 - 30 June 2019

Objective: Repairing waste furniture to give new functions or to produce uncommon objects from them.  


General Information:

Carpentry is not just about producing something new, but also to mend and add value to what already exists. In this workshop, we aim to upcycle the broken and leftover furniture in the Village. Examining the structure of a thrown-away furniture and dismantling it into pieces, or even simply by breaking it, we will get a better understanding of its details. And while doing this, we will also be discussing the concepts of “being local’  and ‘reusing’. What once was an arm of a furniture will become a leg for another; interior of one will complete the exterior of another. Depending on the needs of the Village, we will be producing objects that are both functional and sculpture-like, and those that would be supportive of the social life.


Project examples:


Target Audience: Anyone who is interested in carpentry and design.


Fee: Programme fee, including four meals, accommodation, lessons and all types of basic needs,

for tents: 1900 TL. Trips are not included in this price.

Available places: 20
Tutors: Berk Asal, Onur Ceritoğlu
Contact for questions: Çiğdem Şahin (

How to Apply: Application form which can be found by clicking here is only available in Turkish, but we are happy to provide assistance if you would like to apply. For further information and help, please contact us via the contact form here or send an email to address. We process applications periodically and send the results by email.

Registration: You will be informed of your application result within approximately 15 days of application date. Payment and any registration related transactions will be processed after your application has been approved.


Program team


Onur Ceritoğlu is an artist and an academician who was trained as an architect in the locations of Berlin and Istanbul. He applies to his work objects and materials that are demonstrative of the heavy urban change, and the informality lies within. His ongoing doctoral research is based on...


Berk Asal, born in 1983 in Izmir, Turkey is a trained industrial designer from The University of the Arts of Philadelhia, USA. Since 2012, works with a constellation of architects and urbanists within a collective he co-founded called on/off. Technical manager of the art association Apartment Project e.V. He is mostly interested in artistic production methods, industrial processes and materials among other interrelated topics. lives and works in Berlin since 2010