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20 September 2021 - 25 September 2021

Program Information:

Dates: September 20-25, 2021 

Number of Participants: 20


Nil İlkbaşaran, Visual Artist
Güngör Erdem, Project Manager
Elmas Deniz, Visual Artist

General Information:

This workshop deals with the reciprocal relations of bees, nature and humans and their impact on our living spaces. Taking a closer look at the relationality in nature, the workshop invites you to collectively explore the question ‘what should be the role of human beings in shaping the future?’ .


In this program we aim to create a space to learn about bees as pollinators in nature and to create a sensitivity towards the sustainability of nature. We also aim to collectively create an informative poster and an experimental video-art piece focused on this theme.

Target Audience:

The program is open to anyone older than 17 who wants to think and work on nature and art, is interested in drawing and graphic design and who wants to be active, positive, inclusive and creative creators of the future.

Program Content:

Biodiversity and ecological balances
Impact of human and bees on nature 
Honeybees, their colony life and communication techniques
Climate crisis
Possible solutions

Workshop 1
In this workshop we will be conducting research, drawing patterns as a group, photographing, collaging, and expressing data through unique language.

Workshop 2
In this 6-day workshop there will be discussions, readings, and a video production lesson with a focus on the nature-human relationship.

This program is funded by the Turkish Swedish Cooperation Unit.



Nil İlkbaşaran works as a researcher, artist and producer in the field of participatory art. She carries out social projects to contribute to forming civic awareness and engagement in cultural and natural values. For the Love of Bee! Ecological Awareness and Art Workshops Arı Aşkına!, presenting narratives on Nature Bee Human reciprocity, is a collective work she undertakes with her partners in different provinces of Turkey since 2017. Collaborations include Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy, Marmara Univ.


Güngör Erdem is the co-creator and co-producer of For the Love of Bee! project. Güngör Erdem employs ecological art in a way that combines a lifestyle close to nature and creativity. He has been active in the organisation and the production of art events and exhibitions since 2006 within the scope of Sinopale, the International Sinop Biennial. He is the co-creator and co-producer of For the Love of Bee! project, starting 2016.