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27 July 2020 - 2 August 2020

Memory and (spatial) place are alike. The memory is a record created with object, sound and smell. The house is the clearest witness of these records.

The house is like a cloud that changes with every movement that passes through it. It is fluid. It grows by joining and multiplying. Actions taken at the time of the home reproduce with people and objects. Although the final form of the house is architecturally possible, it varies in memory. Fluidity comes from here.

The house is a memory area. It is the place where moments and memories are placed in each room. As an interior to the outside, the house establishes its own context through the door, a space in the wall. This context, established with the door, is expanded within the framework of the concept of threshold. Threshold gives the individual a sense of coexistence, except that he feels there or here. However, threshold is a concept that provides transition but can be seen as a borderline.

The house represents a structure built on internal-external opposition. The workshop process around these conceptualizations is a journey of participants to the dialogue with their own home (inside) and someone else's home (outside). This journey starts with an object or material, and every image that we encounter on the way finds a place in our memory. Every material used, every resulting form refers to the memory of the house. This completely marks what is hidden in the person's dialogue with the house. On this journey to the memory of the house, the seminar and workshop programs knit like a ivy.


Program team


Born in Istanbul, Prof. Zeynep Sayın lectures on visual studies and literary criticism. She has teached extensively in different disciplines at several universities in Turkey including Istanbul University, Marmara University, Mardin Artuklu University and Bilgi University. Currently she is a visiting professor at HGB Leipzig. Sayın was the co-editor of the influential literary magazine Defter. Her publications include Mithat Şen ve Beden Yazısı:1 (2003), İmgenin Pornografisi (2015), Kötülük Cemaatleri (2016) and Ölüm Terbiyesi (2018)


Gözde was born in a small and beautiful city like Akşehir in 1986. Art is predominantly determined by the world's agenda. The art education process that started in high school in 2001 ended with the completion of the Proficiency in Art program at Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department in 2019. During this long-running period, he participated in many mixed exhibitions at home and abroad, and took part in national and international workshops.