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25 August 2019 - 8 September 2019

Goals: To look, to see and to express.


General information: Every person has a message that s/he wants to share with a possible target audience. The purpose of the course is not to be approved but to be understood. One way of being understood is hidden inside our own perspective in life. "One of the two people looking out the window sees the stars in the sky and the other sees the mud lying on the ground." Creative Writing courses allow you to evaluate and express your "point of view". These courses will be held at the workshop during study hours and also outside the classroom as homework (There are no exams). Our lessons are totally based on practice. Participants will both write and evaluate their own works.


Program: Material, Preparation, Theme, Subject, Conflict, Action-Character. Information on these topics will be shared and evaluated during the workshop hours. If there is time left, Action / Character fictions ( Four kinds of fiction, Research, Love / Adventure, Crime fiction) will be introduced with examples. Participants do not need to prepare in advance. It is enough for each participant to be self-confident, talented, determined and interested.


Target group: Adults.


Fee: The fee of the program is 2410 TL for dormitories and 1810 TL for tents including four meals a day, accommodation, lessons and all basic needs. Excursions are not included in the price.


Available places: 15


For questions: Aycan Şahin (


Registration: Your application result will be sent via email within 15 days of your application. All transactions related to payment and registration will be processed after your application has been approved.


Further information: