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21 July 2019 - 28 July 2019

Objectives: How can we think about poetry in a way that is beyond disciplines, is it possible to think of poetry in a discipline other than literature? In this class we want to think about what can be the poetic in visual arts and touch upon the issues of structures, forms, borders, styles, narratives, meanings and representations to discuss what determines the boundaries, gaps and authenticity of a work. The course aims to create a wide inspiration pool for students by including other disciplines such as music, literature and performance arts.


Target group: High school and university students, young artists, poets who are interested in texts. We encourage people who question the issues space, time, use of materials and have a focus on conceptual art to apply.


General information: The course includes certain texts to read and videos to watch. The language is Turkish but we expect the participants to have enough understanding of English to comprehend the texts and videos which are mostly in English. The discussions and videos shown during the evening hours will be based on the concepts discussed in these screenings, readings and seminars. Additionally, there will be courses which include exercises in groups of two, four and six. In order to evaluate the applications, we require a text which explains the participants interest in the course. Topics to be mentioned in this text: The motivation, interests, past experiences and aspirations of the candidate. The application text should be kept as simple as possible and not exceed one paragraph.

Fee: The fee of the program is 935 TL for tents and 1235 TL for dormitories including accommodation, lessons, four meals a day and basic needs.

Availability: 20 people.

For questions: Aysen Çoluk (

Applications: Applications are assessed regularly and the results are sent by email.


Registration: Your application result will be sent via email within 15 days of your application. All transactions related to your payment and registration will be processed after your application has been approved.


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Deniz Gül (b. in Izmir in 1982) is a conceptual artist. Her practice, which navigates between visual arts and literature embraces an experimental and poetic approach. How objects become bodies and spaces to dwell in is a theme that developed in her work throughout years. Gül uses a wide pallette of organic and inorganic materials to their extremes, experimenting how materials come together and manifest a presence. Milk, plaster, acid, oil, water, rice, sugar, wood, glass, metal are some of these materials Gül choses to use. Centers and peripheries, bodies and identities, history and memory, life and death, language and archetypes, rituals and metaphors, such are the relations Deniz Gül dissects meticulously. Following a similar thread in literature, Gül arrives at an in between zone of “unlearning”, a zone that is not dominated by meaning, but by all means open to an emergence of experience, of possibilities.