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28 June 2020 - 5 July 2020

This program has been canceled.


"The hand is the mirror to the mind.” – I. Kant

The program takes it starting point from the experiences of its three “educators” who have made it a habit to learn things by themselves or considering themselves to be self taught individuals, sharing the manifold explorations they have made on educational studies moving between the gray area between arts and crafts. Even though we all have been educated in different disciplines during our formal education, our learning methods and habits vary because everyone has their own curiosities and interests. Arts / Crafts: Experiments on Self-learning aims to question our ways of perceiving, seeing and learning abilities, and investigates the “DIY-Do it yourself” trend, cultural codes which differentiate individuals and utilizes crafts-making as a method for knowledge production. 


Target group:

The program is specifically designed for educators, teachers, art instructors or people who wish to explore creative methods within the educational field, as well as craft makers, artists and art students.



Anna Gkirmpa is an educator working at the Swedish for Immigrants program (SFI)

Seher Uysal is a visual artist, researcher and educator 

Eser Öykü Dede is a pianist and ceramics enthusiast.


The overall course is made up of two programs which all focus on different processes of learning and which are brought together practically and theoretically within the scope of the course.

Program team


Seher Uysal (b.1983) is a visual artist and researcher based in Istanbul. Inquiries into the everyday often shape her artistic practice and her works are primarily artistic research based reflections on spatial, historical or cultural conditions. She is


Eser was born in Istanbul in 1977. She started studying music at Dokuz Eylül University Izmir State Conservatory. She studied piano with Seçil Akdil, solfeggi and harmony with Prof. Sayram Akdil. During her training she participated in master-courses of